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If you are in the middle of a custody dispute, let the experienced Surrey child custody lawyer at Highland Law help you ensure your parental rights are protected.

At Highland Law, our first step is to try mediation. During mediation, we will help you and your former partner to negotiate a parenting agreement. Mediation is the preferred method of settling child custody matters as it is a much shorter and less stressful process than going through the court system.

If mediation does not work, we will then take your case to court, where we will fight to ensure you obtain a parenting arrangement that works for you and your child. When child custody matters go through the court system, a judge may order one of the following types of custody arrangements:

Sole custody

Sole custody is an arrangement in which a child lives with only one parent. The parent with whom the child lives has sole responsibility for the care of the child and can legally make decisions regarding how they are raised without consulting the other parent.

Shared custody

In shared custody agreements, both parents have custody of the child at different times and must discuss significant childcare decisions with each other.

Joint Custody

When a couple is awarded joint custody, the child will live with one parent; however, both parents must have a say in how the child is raised.

Split Custody

If a couple has more than one child together, they may be awarded split custody of the children. Split custody means that at least one child will live with each parent. Split custody arrangements are rarely used in cases where there are young children. But once a child is 12 years or older, the court may consider their wishes when deciding on a child custody matter, and sometimes children wish to live with different parents.

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