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A cohabitation agreement can guide couples on how to handle things while they are together or help avoid conflict when a relationship comes to an end. These agreements are often put in place at the start of a relationship especially when one party is bringing more money or debt into the relationship. They can also be useful at the start of a second relationship if there are children from a previous relationship involved.

A cohabitation agreement acts as a contract between people who are already living together or people who are planning to live together. Each party in the contract promises to do something in exchange for something the other party agrees to do. Couples are considered as spouses if they have lived together in a marriage-like relationship for at least two years. They may be considered to be spouses if they have lived together for less time but have a child together.

This agreement outlines how property and debts will be managed during the relationship and how they will be divided in case of a break-up. These agreements can help protect your relationship, by providing couples with a higher level of certainty. They may also state if spousal support will be paid. There are many ways that property, debt and spousal support may be dealt with. For example, an agreement may outline that each of you will keep any property that you had before you started living together.

Cohabitation agreements can also cover how things like household chores or household expenses will be handled during the relationship. Keep in mind that the law imposes obligations that they cannot contract out of an agreement such as the legal duty of each parent to provide support for their child.

It’s important to get independent legal advice before signing an agreement. A court may be able to overturn an agreement that it deems unfair. A separation lawyer can help negotiate and draft a fair agreement. Each party should meet with their own lawyer to get independent legal advice on how it will affect your rights and obligations before signing. It’s strongly recommended that you get a cohabitation agreement through a lawyer to protect your financial situation and your children.

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