Highland Law is dedicated to resolving your Criminal matter with honest and cost effective legal services. After reviewing your file with you and if appropriate in your case, we will negotiate on your behalf with Crown Counsel for a fast and efficient outcome. In some cases, we will demand the Criminal charge be dropped completely. If Crown Counsel is unwilling to accept a fair proposal that you have approved of with us, we are ready, prepared and have experience to proceed to Trial for you and will provide you with a vigorous legal defence. Never hire a lawyer who is not willing to go to Trial for you, especially if it may be the difference of you getting a criminal record!

  • Assault & Domestic Violence

  • Possession of Drugs & Drug trafficking / Marijuana grow-ops

  • Civil Forfeiture

  • Driving offences / Driving while Prohibited

  • Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) / Drinking and Driving DUI

  • Theft / Fraud

  • Uttering threats

  • Gun & Weapons charges

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