Ending a marriage can be a taxing process. Given the stress involved, great care must be taken to avoid mistakes during this time. Here are 10 common mistakes to avoid while going through a divorce:

1. Relying on friends and family for advice

Friends and family mean well. However, every divorce is different, which is why you should consult a professional for advice.

2. Involving children in the conflict

Avoid discussing details of your divorce or having arguments in the presence of your children. Involving children in your conflict can cause them undue stress and anxiety.

3. Venting on social media

What you say on social media can be used against you in your divorce proceedings. Making disparaging comments about your spouse will hurt your case in the long run.

4. Signing documents without consulting a lawyer

Divorce documents can be complicated. Therefore, it would be wise to have a lawyer review documents before signing.

5. Cutting your spouse off financially

If you stop supporting a financially dependent spouse, the courts may demand that you make retroactive support payments. Seek legal advice before making any major financial decisions.

6. Leaving the family home prematurely

Prematurely leaving the marital home can damage any claim you may have to the property. Only leave if you feel your safety or the safety of your child is at risk.

7. Providing incomplete financial information

Failure to provide accurate and complete financial information to the other party can result in significant fines or other penalties.

8. Allowing your emotions to control your actions

A divorce is an emotional endeavour. But in an effort to resolve your marriage amicably, do not allow your emotions to control the decisions you make.

9. Not considering alternative dispute resolution

A divorce can be contentious; however, many couples never consider alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation, which is a non-adversarial process. It is also a cheaper and often quicker option than going to court.

10. Not hiring a divorce lawyer

Having a lawyer who can guide you through the divorce process will help you make informed decisions and receive the best possible outcome.

Finding a Divorce Lawyer in Surrey

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