What Are the Differences Between Parenting Time and Guardianship?

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Are you trying to create a childcare plan in the event of separation or the death or incapacitation of parents? Then you need to be aware of the legal terms used to describe different childcare situations, including parenting time and guardianship.

Parenting time

Parenting time is the time a child spends in the care of each parent. Often, a separation or divorce agreement’s provisions can specify how much parenting time will be given to each parent. This agreement can be reached through a discussion between you and your ex partner or with the help of a mediator. When parents fail to agree on parenting time, the issue may need to be settled through the courts.


Guardianship refers to the legal relationship parents have over their children. It provides all the parental rights from the day to day decisions to health and schooling. The courts can also appoint a non-parent as a guardian to assume responsibility for the care of a child in addition or in the place of a parent. The removal of a parents guardianship is done under exceptional circumstances only.

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