Divorce is a decision that will affect the rest of your life. If you have children, divorce will also affect the rest of your children’s lives as they struggle to make difficult choices to be kind to both of you.

Before considering a divorce and speaking with a divorce lawyer, you and your partner should make every effort to remember the reasons why you married. You could seek counselling or divorce mediation to help uncover your challenges and help restore your love and trust for each other.

Unfortunately, your best efforts may not help. These are common signs that you should consider a divorce:

  • Abuse in the marriage – Physical, mental, sexual and financial abuse are devastating. No one should be a victim of abuse.
  • Adultery – Some families can forgive and live through an affair, but if your spouse has decided to stay with the other person, divorce is inevitable.
  • Alcohol or substance abuse – When a spouse cannot control their dependence on alcohol or drugs, it can be devastating to their partner and their family. When they are unwilling to accept help and begin a recovery program, separation and divorce may be the only resolution.
  • Lack of intimacy – Every marriage needs intimacy and romance to thrive. If all efforts to revive your passion have failed, the resulting frustration and resentment are likely to culminate in divorce.
  • Communication and trust challenges – Most people are guilty of not communicating well with their spouses at various times during their marriage, but when communication problems become insurmountable, a divorce may be the only solution.
  • An increasing focus on interests outside the marriage – Different interests can be a good thing in a marriage, but when a person increasingly focuses on activities or hobbies that do not include their spouse, it’s an indication that the relationship is ending.
  • Financial challenges – There are many times in a marriage when financial challenges arise. During most of these times, a couple can work together to improve their situation. However, if one spouse continually abuses the relationship by over-spending or under-performing, it is very difficult to continue the marriage.

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