In Canada, about 40% of marriages end in divorce before the 50th wedding anniversary. As the cases of divorce continue to rise, business is booming for divorce lawyers. When lawyers compete for clients, they may sometimes fail to inform clients of all the elements and processes involved in the divorce process. This may be because they want to paint a positive picture of the outcomes of a divorce, the facts may not be what the clients want to hear, and the facts may sometimes affect their bottom line. In this article, we discuss five things that your divorce lawyer may not be telling you.

1. Divorce might be more expensive than you expected

In most cases, the cost of your divorce will be more than your lawyer’s initial estimate. No lawyer wants to encourage you to make drastic sacrifices in your spending, but you should check your finances and consider how you will pay for the divorce process. The divorce process can cause a significant drop in your standard of living. 

2. Agreeing with your spouse may be helpful

Spouses in divorce proceedings often detest each other. Talking to each other without fighting can be tough. What you don’t know is that agreeing with your spouse can help you avoid a lot of the problems that come with going to court, and it will save you time and money. Especially if children are involved, it would be beneficial for you to sit down together and come to a mutual agreement.

3. You can get a pro bono lawyer

Getting a pro bono lawyer means free representation. You can get competent legal advice for free that would otherwise have cost you thousands of dollars. Check with your local bar association to see whether a pro bono lawyer is available if you have limited means. It is, however, important to note that pro bono legal services are often limited in scope.  

4. You have more power than you think over your legal bill

Lawyers are expensive, and their costs accumulate quickly during a proceeding, but you can do certain things yourself that lighten your lawyer’s load and save money. For example, you can gather your financial papers instead of having your lawyer attempt to get them from your spouse’s attorney. 

5. You shouldn’t hire the first lawyer you meet

Before you hire a lawyer, meet with a few to get a sense of their approach to the case and to know their general manner. Your divorce is a very personal matter; choose a lawyer you feel at ease talking to about your life and marriage. Beware of lawyers who attempt to rush you into signing a contract before you are ready. 

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