The divorce rate in Canada is high—more than 40 percent going into the 2020s. Second and third marriages have even higher fatality numbers. There are common reasons why it is more difficult to make a second or third marriage work.

Knowing the outcome of divorce

In a first marriage, many couples prolong a divorce; they worry about what their lives will look like following a divorce.

When you’ve been through one divorce, you know the process. You know you will survive, and this knowledge makes the decision of divorce easier.

Emotional scars from a previous marriage

Many first marriages end because of abuse or infidelity. These emotional scars are often carried into your next marriage, making it difficult to trust your new partner.

In subsequent marriages, you may be trying to “fix” the emotional scars from your previous marriage, and believe you can in the beginning. But, justified or not, you often can’t move past your feelings of insecurity and doubt, wreaking havoc on your new marriage.

Children of divorce

Many first marriages stay together “for the kids”, but this doesn’t transfer to subsequent marriages. In second and third marriages, children are often a significant reason for divorce.

Partners who were initially confident they could live with shared custody arrangements and blended families often can’t cope with parenting children that aren’t their own.

Marrying too soon for the wrong reasons

Divorce often leaves you fragile, vulnerable, lonely and financially challenged.

An opportunity to alleviate all the pain you are experiencing by jumping into another marriage too soon—before you have had a chance to heal from the first marriage—is not a good idea. You may solve your immediate problems, but marrying to make your life easier is unlikely to be a long-lasting solution.

Financial challenges

Second and third marriages have a higher probability of differences regarding a couple’s finances. In a first marriage, couples learn to manage their finances together—but in second and third marriages, both partners have been managing their finances for some time and there may be opposing opinions.

In many second marriages, one or both spouses are also burdened with the child or spousal support payments that may quickly become a burden on the marriage.

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